Tredegar House and the Ryder Cup

Tredegar House Park turned into a Park and ride for the duration of  The Ryder Cup.

However this had to be done to alleviate traffic chaos en route to the Celtic Manor for this Prestigious event

Ryder Cup Stewards

Left to Right Annie Parker , Les Case,Ruth Knight,MontyDart.

Saturday and Sunday

The  Ground floor of the House was open free of charge for the spectators

returning to their cars.

Four of the Friends of Tredegar House acted as stewards along with

Anne Tame and Emily Price of Tredegar House

It was a wet and muddy weekend at Celtic Manor all returning spectators were in a varying degree

of muddiness, but were approached  and invited to view the house, many where concerned they were too muddy

but those who took up the invitation where greatly surprised and enthralled  and said they would visit again.

All in all it was a success as the House had been introduced to many more people

from far,wide and even locals

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