Evan Morgan

Evan Morgan, (July 13th  1893 – April 27th  1949) was known for his love of the Arts.

His paintings were exhibited at the Paris Salon and he was a keen poet, though it is fair to say that keen doesn’t necessarily mean talented!

He published a number of volumes of poetry – Fragments , 1916 ; Gold and Ochre , 1917 ; Psyche: an Unfinished Fragment , 1920 ; and A sequence of Seven Sonnets , 1920 At Dawn, Poems Profane and Religious , 1924 ; The Eel and other Poems , 1926 ; The City of Canals and other Poems , 1929.

 His poem ‘In Pace’ (In Peace) was dedicated to his sister Gwyneth. She died in mysterious circumstances – her body was found in the River Thames in 1924. Does the poem hold the mystery of Gwyneth’s fall from grace? A woman referred to in the poem as ‘That super-Cyprian, coarse-souled Sybarite, whose gross and vulgar hand struck at our joy’ was certainly held by Evan to blame for Gwyneth’s fate.

Evan was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature , In 1936 he established the Tredegar Lecture for the Society in memory of his father, Courtenay Morgan and he delivered the inaugural lecture. His subject ‘ John Donne – whom he described as ‘person of mystery, poet, lover theologian and mystic’.  He also addressed Foyles Literary Luncheons.

Evan’s poetry books for sale (many of his books were limited editions) can be found on such internet sites as Bookfinder UK or peruse some of his poems  free via these internet links.




Music and Poetry Evening 17th October 2012

The Bravo Four together with Lorna Pearson & Deputy Mayoress Chris Suller


A superb evening of entertainment was held in The New Hall at Tredegar House.

Over 60 members & guests attended and what a great evening it was.

The Friends raised £474 after all expenses.

The Bravo Four Barbershop Quartet opened the evening.  Their harmony and range was amazing.

We were treated to a number of popular songs and ballads, and some very amusing anecdotes.

The quartet was formed up in 1991 & has sung in Ireland, Germany, all over South Wales & England

and have even performed to the Monks at Belmont Abbey.

All their engagements are fund raising &, to date, have raised a staggering £30,000 towards their chosen charities.

At the interval the Friends provided light refreshments.

For second part of the evening we were entertained by Lorna Pearson.

Lorna is a humorous poet & storyteller.

The room was so full of laughter, but also there were poems which evoked wonderful childhood memories in us all.

Lorna inherited her love of rhyme and words from her mother Edith,

who from the time Lorna was very young, recited to her as she went about her chores.

Annie Parker.

Our official response to letter & subsequent article published in The South Wales Argus


A letter was published on the “your say page “of the South Wales Argus on Wed. 5th Dec. 2012   “The House is a Theme Park“. and a subsequent article published on 6th Dec. 2012 under  the title  ‘Stately home Friends’ fears as National Trust leaves them in the dark’ by Melissa Jones.

We totally disassociate Friends of Tredegar House from these views as these were published without our knowledge or consent.

Annie Parker

Membership Secretary of Friends of Tredegar House

Read statement below, from our Deputy Chairman of Friends of Tredegar House Monty Dart, which can also be viewed under “your say page” on the Argus web site under the title of “House is now a Theme Park”.


Friend of Tredegar House
2:39pm Fri 7 Dec 12

 For and on behalf of the Executive Committee of Friends of Tredegar House.

Friends of Tredegar House

With reference to the article ‘Stately home Friends’ fears as National Trust leaves them in the dark’ by Melissa Jones, published in the South Wales Argus, 6th December, pg 3.
We, the Executive Committee of the Friends of Tredegar House would like to advise the South Wales Argus and its readers that the person who wrote a letter (published 5th December) and who was subsequently interviewed and quoted as a ‘spokesperson’ for the Friends of Tredegar House, has no authority to speak on our behalf.
We wish to disassociate the Friends of Tredegar House from the views expressed in the letter and article.
Echoing the comments of the spokesman for the National Trust in Wales, Alun Prichard – the relationship between the Friends of Tredegar House and the National Trust is ‘fantastic’. For this reason we were particularly distressed by the comments made in our name.
Far from ‘dying a very slow death’, the Friends of Tredegar House are pleased to say that membership of our organisation has increased since arrival of the National Trust.
We invite the Editor of the South Wales Argus, Melissa Jones and the readership of the Argus to see for themselves as the Friends of Tredegar House and the National Trust Volunteers celebrate our first Christmas together.

Deputy Chair Monty Dart

Link to the letter




A Beautiful Nuisance The Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan

A Beautiful Nuisance

The Life and Death of Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan 

By Monty Dart and William Cross

Tribute to Hon Gwyneth Ericka Morgan only daughter of

Courtenay Charles Evan Morgan 1867-1934  and Katharine Agnes Blanche Carnegie 1867-1949


Strong characters have imperfections: they can never compromise. Gwyneth Morgan could never compromise. The shadow of chaos threatened her from birth.

Beautiful, wealthy, witty, but unbalanced, her family was popular only because they were rich and had close links to the British Royal Family.

Gwyneth was the daughter of a Welsh coal baron; her mother was from an old aristocratic Scottish family. Launched as a stunning debutante Gwyneth enjoyed but more endured the rituals of the London and Highland Society in the years before and after the First World War.

She had an unconventional streak, earning a reputation as a bohemian.

Struck down by ill-health from the excesses of high living and travel, she was caught up with dangerous people of whom her family disapproved. With increasing concern Gwyneth was forced to spend her last years as a virtual prisoner moving between locations. Under medical supervision from a Society doctor, the harsh regime imposed became unbearable. She disappeared into a London fog in 1924; her badly decomposed body was pulled from the River Thames 5 months later. Where did she go? What happened? How did she die? This book explains why Gwyneth (once dubbed “a beautiful nuisance”) was airbrushed from history.

The life and death of Gwyneth Ericka Morgan” is full of surprises – the tale of a rich girl who may have paid the ultimate price to maintain her family’s coveted place in High Society.

ISBN 10 1-905914-10-5

ISBN 13 978-1-905914-10-4















Christmas At Tredegar House 2012

     Christmas at Tredegar House 2012


Link To Christmas at Tredegar House 2013

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The Book is now available from the Author William Cross

58, Sutton Road, Newport, Gwent, NP 19 7JF

Paperback £15.00 including UK Postage

Hardback £20.00 including UK Postage

Cheques made payable to:  William Cross

The book is also available on Amazon.co.uk

Overseas Orders please use AMAZON. COM

 further details from : williecross@virginmedia.com

 Evan Frederic Morgan, the second (and last) Viscount Tredegar will forever be an enigma. Whatever a researcher or writer discovers about him there will almost certainly be a further revelation around the next corner.


Born into a prosperous Welsh coalmining and landowning family, Evan had the resources and the will to be whatever he wanted. He could indulge every fantasy and whim to whatever length he chose. With his wealth, versatile culture and adventurous spirit, he seemed well equipped to make a notable mark on the world. But his calling fell short of its early promise.


Evan appears in numerous anecdotes by his often more famous fellow travellers. As a homosexual living at a time when that activity was illegal and where charges could lead to imprisonment, ruin and shame, Evan, by necessity, led a double life.   Most of his secrets died with him, many personal documents are lost, suppressed, concealed or destroyed. We cannot only rely on his contemporaries, relatives,  friends and enemies for all aspects of his flamboyant life. In this new book, William Cross, co-author of A Beautiful Nuisance : The Life and Death of Gwyneth Ericka Morgan and Aspects of Evan, The Last Viscount Tredegar, draws  on the claims left behind by the late Robin Bryans, who at age of sixteen became one of Evan’s lovers. The narrative reveals some bizarre details about Evan that have thus far not dared be revealed. The reader must make up their own mind about the veracity of Bryans’ extraordinary account of  Evan’s hidden world.

ISBN 10 1-905914-21-0

ISBN 13 978-1-905914-21-0

Published by

William P. Cross

Book Midden Publishing

58 Sutton Road

Newport Gwent

NP19 7JF.

 United Kingdom

 further details from : williecross@virginmedia.com

Link to the Daily Mail Article about the book

Tredegar House Events and Upstairs Downstairs and Other filming

Filming at The Edney Gates

Were you watching Upstairs Downstairs episode 1- Series 2

19th February 2012 ?

The Gilt Room appeared in an entire scene.

The scene comes on about 39.26 into the show

you also get to see the lake

and a tiny corner of the house in other scenes.

See Links at the Bottom of the page


We’ve had some great productions filmed at Tredegar House.  From ‘Dr Who’, to ‘Torchwood’, ‘Being Human’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’,The Hairy Bikers, to most recently ‘Upstairs Downstairs’.

The money is an obvious benefit, but it does attract visitors to Tredegar House too.  We get many Dr Who fans coming to see the fireplace in front of which Queen Victoria (Pauline Collins) knighted Dr Who (David Tennant), when we doubled as Torchwood House.  It is fantastic for us to see rooms in the House transformed too – the Gilt Room looks fantastic in ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ decked out with art deco furniture and a cocktail bar!

The film companies sign guidelines before they come into the House.  These state out what they can and can’t do, and why.  Hopefully the crew can appreciate that we’re not just being awkward, or over protective.  We want to make sure, for example, that beautiful wooden panelling, over 300 years old, lasts another 300 years and doesn’t get scratched or dented by equipment being lent against it.

 The process can be rather chaotic though.  We love having the smaller companies, perhaps 10 people, filming in one area, who are easy to keep an eye on.  With the bigger BBC production there are easily 40 – 50 people in the House, from the actors to the carpenters, set designers to the lighting crew.  They might be filming in one area, and setting up in another.  For this we have trained staff to keep an eye on what is going on – but they need eyes in the back of their heads!  Unsurprisingly people aren’t used to filming in a historic house museum, so we may have to explain for example that they can’t carry drinks through the House.

 Touchwood, we have only had one mishap.  This happened when John Barrowman, as Captain Jack in Torchwood, was thrown into a historically important door in the Cellar.  Indeed the only thing we were protective over!  The BBC insurance covered the repairs.  Looking on the bright side, the door is in much better condition after conservation than it was before the accident!

 Who knows who might ask to film at TH next…. but we hope one day it might be Johnny Depp.  As many of you know, we have a cardboard cut out of him that we use for pirates day, wouldn’t it be nice to have the real thing!

Emily Price, Curator Tredeagar House


see also


Hairy Bikers in The Dining Room


August 17th -19th 2012

Parts of the House used as film location  for Being Human


Whats on at Tredgar House 2012 (click here)

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