Parklife – In Out, In Out.

Park LifeNo, we haven’t taken up dancing – this was our experience at Parklife today. Having set up the stall, the rain started – heavily. Neither we, nor Oliver (Museums, next door tent) had walls. All very wet, Oliver went to look for walls for both tents. He returned, ‘They can’t find them.’ Then a voice came over the microphone, ‘If you need walls for your tent, can you come and collect them?’ Off trudged Oliver. Returning, ‘The person on the microphone doesn’t know they can’t find the walls!’ Again we heard, ‘If anyone wants walls …’ The rain having stopped, we got our stuff out again.

Judith and David arrived and, using that well known Heath Robinson invention of two large sticks and gaffer tape, got the banner up at the sides. Then a sudden wind took our boards away – accompanied by assorted leaflets. David went on a mission for the missing walls. Judith pointed out that the Mayor was getting rapidly nearer, and, as President of the FOTH, wouldn’t want to see soggy leaflets. ‘Or have to balance the display boards on his knee to view them,’ said Monty.

Eventually two men arrived with some Guantanamo orange walls and said, ‘We did call over the microphone for you to collect them,’ but beat a hasty retreat before we, or Oliver, next door, could lynch him. When Annie arrived, with the sun, we got our displays three quarters outside where they could be seen – and many people came to chat about the House and Friends.

Suddenly it rained again, so everything went back in. Alan and Ruth arrived and as we were fully staffed I went for a wander. Not a yard away, I saw Derek Brockway, the BBC Weatherman. Photo opportunity, I thought. He was on the way to sign his new book but promised to come back – and true to his word, he did – and then the sun came out again – well, it would for Derek wouldn’t it! Many thanks to Judith and David, Annie, Alan and Ruth on the Friends of Tredegar House stall.

Monty Dart

Friends Of Tredegar House Musical Evening

Male Voice ChoirOn Wednesday, 23rd of June, a beautiful summer’s evening, we gathered in St Joseph’s High School for a concert by the Gwent Police Male Choir supported by guest artists. In the audience was this year’s president of the Friends of Tredegar House, the worshipful Mayor of Newport, Bill Langsford, with his wife Sue.

What wonderful musical talent the education service of Gwent has on its staff. The Musical Director of the choir, Roger Appleby, is very well known throughout musical circles in Wales and his adaptations for the choir were first class. Having myself grown up in a family of choristers and having sung for thirty years in male voice choirs, I was most impressed with the discipline of the choir under Roger’s direction. They sang without needing sheet music so they were able to watch the conductor and all finish as one. The choir was well balanced, with a good number of top tenors and bottom basses along with the middle range voices, so producing a lovely harmony.

The MC for the evening, from amongst the choir, was entertaining and funny. His stories were appropriate to each song and artist. Chris Perkiss entertained us with some lovely solos. Her many years experience singing with operatic societies was evident as she really came into her own with the light operatic pieces.

Veronica Walsh, an old friend of Tredegar Friends, gave a delightful and varied programme of piano music. She had played the same piano before, as a girl when she was at the school which was then in Tredegar House. Very Nostalgic.

We all enjoyed a glass of wine in the interval and the evening concluded with a very good speech from the Mayor expressing thanks to the choir and guest artists, and a special vote of thanks to Judith Rice and her team who had worked so hard to organize the evening. The evening was a great success and raised a £1000 for the Friends of Tredegar House which will be spent towards bringing home to Tredegar House some Morgan memorabilia from Australia.

DR Hewinson, member

Returned From Australia


Emily Price Curator of  Tredegar House – welcoming Mr. Michael Smith


A wonderful collection of items relating to the Morgan’s & their servants had been offered for sale.  The various items  offered by private sale had  the asking price of £10.000 – which The Friends have raised & the items below were returned to Tredegar House in May 2010 by Michel & Jeannette Smith.  The curator Emily had corresponded with Michael & Jeanette Smith for 4 years and it was so good for her & The Friends to meet evenutally with them.  An evening was arranged for members to view the items prior to being catalogued. Michael entertained the full New Hall with many stories of his memories when he was a young boy and visited the house.  The fantastic collection has now been documented, and most pieces have aready gone out on display around the House.  These include the telescope which has been put in front of the portrait of Courtenay Morgan holding that same instrument , and the tea service which Mrs Williams the Housekeeper gave to the donors parents when they got married.  Hopefully items such as the Cartier watches will be on display next season.

In May the collection of some 60 objects which the Friends bought for the house returned from Australia.

  1. Personal Asprey London leather travelling case and contents, including two bedside clocks
  2. Small Asprey London matching leather box containing gold and pearl shirt studs
  3. Mother of pearl personal domino set (miniature set, in case) -Evan
  4. Two Braille Cartier watches
  5. One white pearl mounted on gold base, back-collar stud; three black pearl front shirt studs; three amethyst/gold front shirt studs, for formal wear
  6. Poaching stick.
  7. Horse (Hands) measuring stick – Evan’s staff
  8. Two hard cover books given to my late father by Evan and personally autographed.
  9. T. Goode & Co, London, South Audley Street tea service (marked #6610) given to my parents by Mrs Maud Williams (Housekeeper) when they got married on 8 August 1935.
  10. Cutlery set given to my parents by Evan when they got married
  11. Small diamond and ruby red gentleman’s tie pin which is a replica of the Royal Yacht Squadron pennant: yacht “The Liberty” was a member
  12. One button from Courtenay’s jacket showing anchor with Tredegar crest above – ex “The Liberty”.
  13. Telescope from the yacht “The Liberty”
  14. Brass clock and barometer set from “The Liberty” (items 13 and purchased by Henry Smith when the ship was broken up at Newport docks)
  15. Mini opera monocular
  16. Lightweight brown Malacca wood cane with gold top – used by Courtenay when eyesight was failing
  17. Assorted bone handled two pronged cutlery – circa 1700’s
  18. Three very large ornate wine glasses – circa 1700’s (claret)
  19. Number of A4 professional black and white photographs showing Tredegar as it was in its prime
  20. Photographs of “Old Sayzeland” (William), by himself and one with his wife and son.
  21. Photographs of Henry Smith with Blue Boy and one with Blue Boyby himself sitting on large flower pot
  22. Photograph of Jack Holloway (Head Gamekeeper) with his family.




Tredegar House Model Boating Club

The Friends of Tredegar House Model Boat Club is a friendly non competitive club that is open to new members on joining the ” Friends” of Tredegar House.

The Club regularly meets twice a week at Tredegar House Lake to raise awareness of both the club and the hobby as a whole, also Tredegar House and Park.

The lake is situated in a country park owned by Newport City Council. There is ample parking (free on payment of your annual membership) which is only a few minutes walk from the lakeside. The Club has the use of these waters at any time but the usual sailing days are Sunday and Wednesday mornings.

The House is open between Easter and October where there is a Visitor Centre, tearooms and toilet facilities. The beautiful Park, l7th century Orangery and garden, woodland, walled gardens and adventure playground, all are open throughout the year.

For further details of the Model Boating Club
Please contact: John Millard 01633 854126

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