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A Beautiful Nuisance The Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan

A Beautiful Nuisance The Life and Death of Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan  By Monty Dart and William Cross Tribute to Hon Gwyneth Ericka Morgan only … [Continue Reading]

A Beautiful Nuisance  The Life and Death of Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan

Evan Morgan

Evan Morgan, (July 13th  1893 – April 27th  1949) was known for his love of the Arts. His paintings were exhibited at the Paris Salon and he was a … [Continue Reading]


Aspects of Evan: The Last Viscount Tredegar

Aspects of Evan: The Last Viscount Tredegar A New Book >From Monty Dart and William Cross With a full transcript of Evan's Court Martial for … [Continue Reading]

Evan Morgan

Transcript of Interview by M.R. Apted and Mrs B.M. Evans, 15th February, 1973

  What about Lord Tredegar and the Servant’s Ball? His sister was always with him – Mrs. Mundy, the men would line the one side and we … [Continue Reading]

Circa 1920-30's

Godfrey Morgan, Viscount Tredegar Opening the Transporter Bridge

              From Monty Dart the archivist for the Friends of Tredegar House.  Recently I … [Continue Reading]

Lord Tredegar Newport Transporter Bridge Opening

John Evans Chauffeur to Lord Tredegar.

The following article was sent by Martyn Evans from Christchurch Dorset, formerly of Newport. Martyn is a member of Friends of Tredegar house. … [Continue Reading]

Pop and the Rolls Royce

Maud Williams – Housekeeper -Tredegar House.

The above photo shows the servants in Mauds sitting room along with chauffeur John Evans' mother . she is the elderly lady sat at the table at tea … [Continue Reading]

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Friends of Tredegar House Talks 2016

   2016 Talks All TALKS will be held in The Morgan Room @ 7:30 pm - Tredegar House Wednesday 17th February Speaker – Monty Dart Subject - Evan … [Continue Reading]


Sir Briggs The Original War Horse

 The Original War Horse. A visitor will find the grave of Sir Briggs in the Cedar Garden of Tredegar House. The Friends of Tredegar House, are so … [Continue Reading]

Sir Briggs


Hi Annie and Monty Annie a big thank you for the photo’s you sent me. Article for the website. August 15th 2013 is a day I will always … [Continue Reading]


Opening of the Alexandra Dock Newport

I have recently been involved in an exhibition to commemorate the 100th  anniversary of the opening of Alexandra Dock by the Duke of Connaught. It was … [Continue Reading]


Godfrey Morgan Gentleman Rider




Lois Sturt, Wild Child : A Glance at Hon. Lois Ina Sturt, Viscountess Tredegar New Book By William Cross : Now Available £8.00 Post Free … [Continue Reading]

LOIS COVER worked on

George Gould Morgan and The Alford Family

  We recently received this wonderful account of The Alford family from Judith Coupar - it tells us of George Gould Morgan - George is part of … [Continue Reading]


Blue Plaques In Newport

Thanks to Cyril Highman of The Newport Civic Society for the following CITY OF NEWPORT BLUE PLAQUES Erected at sites of historical, natural or … [Continue Reading]


The Muses of Evan, Viscount Tredegar

Lord Tredegar’s biographer, William Cross, announces a new book on Evan Frederic Morgan, the “ fairy prince of modern times” The new … [Continue Reading]

Evan & Words

A history of the family of Morgan, from the year 1089 to present times- Written in 1902 by Appleton Morgan

With thanks to Monty Dart For this link Written in 1902 (limited to 500 copies) by Appleton Morgan (1845-1928) A history of the family of … [Continue Reading]

appleton morgan2

Palleg Manor and The Morgans of Tredegar House

Article submitted by Monty Dart ‘Palleg Manor’- 1215-1915’ is a thesis completed over the last four years by James Burton,  genealogist and … [Continue Reading]


Beatrice Mina Louise Coombs – Wife of John Evans Chauffeur at Tredegar House

Article provided by Martyn Evans a family relative and member of Friends of Tredegar House  Beatrice Mina Louise Coombs was born in Buckhorn Weston … [Continue Reading]

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  No ‘Shrinking Violet’ by Monty Dart The Hon. Violet Wilhelmina Morgan was born on 23rd September 1860 at Ruperra Castle. She was the … [Continue Reading]

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News from America

News from America from Monty Dart          It is always thrilling when we greet our American cousins at Tredegar House and we love to hear … [Continue Reading]


The Friends of Tredegar House

Is a registered charitable organisation Charity No: 518513.

which aims to spread public interest in the historical, architectural and environmental importance of Tredegar House in Newport, acknowledged as one of the finest country houses in the Principality. They also raise funds to assist with the purchase, restoration and conservation of objects on display in the House.

The House

Tredegar House

Tredegar House is one of the architectural wonders of Wales and one of the most significant late 17th century buildings in the whole of the Britain.

The earliest documented owner of a house at Tredegar is Llewelyn ap Morgan, who was alive in 1402, whilst in 1540 John Leland mentions "a very faire place of stone", called Tredegar. Meanwhile Charles I and his retinue visited the house in 1645, which indicates the importance of the property.

Tredegar House is largely a creation of the late 17th century: between 1664 - 1672 it was rebuilt on a palatial scale when a sequence of state rooms was incorporated into the building. At this time the estate comprised 1,000 acres, of which 90 acres remain today.

The Lords of Tredegar are no more, the last dying in 1962. The House was sold and it's contents dispersed in 1951 and for 23 years it was a school. Taking over Tredegar House in 1974, Newport Borough Council began restoring and refurbishing the property.

The story of Tredegar House and the Morgan family is a fascinating one. To find out more become a Friend and help to restore one of the finest 17th properties in Wales.

Tredegar House is now open for public tours under The National Trust as from 4th April 2012 seven days a week from 11.30 am to 4 pm, giving you the opportunity to enjoy one of South Wales' best kept secrets. Additional special events take place throughout the year.

APRIL 2012


Tredegar House is now open as a National Trust Property

The House opened to visitors on a cold and blustery April morning and they poured in, from all over Britain.

Expecting to just meet Newportionians on such a miserable day the volunteer guides were overwhelmed by the enthusiam of the general public. In fact many people were breaking their journey at Tredegar House, often on route to somewhere else.

Some people stayed all day and it was particularly popular with those staying at the caravan site within Tredegar House grounds, indeed two couples from Oxfordshire said they were coming back the next day.

The Director General of The National Trust, Dame Fiona Reynolds made a surprise visit and was thrilled with the response from visitors.


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